Good News Monday: ”Ser jag tjock ut?” | Älska mig själv-diet | Anti-agency

Jag döper om ”tips” till Good News Monday, för måndagar är en dag då vi behöver en extra boost. Här samlar jag bra läsning som får oss att må bättre, varje vecka.

Ser jag tjock ut?

Riktigt bra text om hur vi kan tänka istället!

”The next time you find yourself asking ”Do I look fat?” consider asking yourself what you would be feeling if you were not feeling fat or worrying about feeling fat. Ask yourself ”Do I feel happy, sad, mad, tired, hungry, full, lonely, proud of myself, or for that matter do I feel anything other than fat?” You may be surprised to find that you have been using the words ”looking fat and/or feeling fat” to cover up all of the other things you are feeling, or would be feeling if you were not hiding them under your worries about ”looking fat.” Then ask yourself ”If you are willing to consider that you and the size of your life are so much more than the size of your body?”” (Huffington Post)

Min nya ”Älska mig själv-diet”

Bra skrivet av Karen Cigna, om att ta bort fokuset från MATEN och lägga det på DIG.

The following will be off-limits: Consuming any portion of ”Self-hate”; Indulging in any amount of ”Fat talk” or for that matter any self-denigrating talk”; Mindlessly noshing on ”Being my own harshest critic”; and Binging on ”minimizing my efforts and accomplishments.” (Huffington Post)

”Anti-agency” – modellagenturen som tänker om

”We don’t have requirements for size or height. That’s the big one, although the agency’s roster as a whole tends to be on the thinner side, with a pair of large breasts or curvy hips here and there. But we also don’t do portfolios or ‘books.’ For us, models should get booked based on their personality, not based on a load of pictures of them dressed up in different ways.” (Anti-agency via The Daily Beast)



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