Länktips: 25 anledningar till bikini; få bort perfektionism; vad lär vi barn om deras kroppar

25 Reasons Why You Deserve To Feel Good In A Bathing Suit

”Instead of reading another listicle about how you should be avoiding carbonated drinks and subsisting off nothing but cayenne pepper and crunches, here’s a list of 25 reasons why you deserve to feel good about the body you already have.” (The Gloss)

5 Ways to Push Out Perfectionism

”If you want to succeed in life, forget about being perfect. Perfectionism kills confidence and confidence drives success.” (LinkedIn)

What Questions Are We Teaching Our Children to Ask About Their Bodies?

”When we teach our children to ask questions about loving and caring for themselves and their bodies, we are changing the way they think and feel about their bodies. We are giving them permission to not sign up for the war we have all been waging with our bodies. We are giving them permission to move into their bodies, own them and make peace with them. Lastly, we are allowing them to know that they are so much more than the size of their bodies — that they are the size of their lives.” (Huffington Post)



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